Polina Davidenko

How would I describe what I do?

It’s like a magic dance, like a wind that picks up and carries away into the sky, like the sunrise at the seaside, like love from first sight, like flight on the top of a wave.
It is like a storm at the darkest night, it’s pleasure and peace.
It is an incredible happiness to be able to express my feeling and my insides.
With colours I open my heart to the world and help people to harmonize their state of mind.
I work within the realm of intuitive art, create pieces, which can essentially be called tune ups.
My paintings possess the ability to bring joy, cheerfulness, vigour, and lightness, which in turn awaken powerful and vivid emotions.

My Events and Shows

My Events
  • Charity events in London
  • New York Design and Architecture show
  • Yantra festival Moscow
  • PolinArt therapy master classes
My Shows
  • Brick Lane Gallery London February 2016
  • Presentation of a PolinArt project 28.04.16
  • Landmarks art fair May 2016
  • Parallax Art Fair JUly 2016
  • Solo exhibition in Latvia August 2016
  • Solo evening with live performance 19 January 2017 in London
My Shows
  • New York Design and Architecture show March 2017
  • Art therapy master class 24 May Moscow
  • Solo exhibition in International Hotel --Latgola 21 July 2017 untill 15th November Latvia
  • New Artist Fair in Bricklane Shoreditch London
  • Monaco Private Yact Show September 2017